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To:             Neiman’s Family Market Employees and Customers

CC:            Vendors Partners and Suppliers

From:       Bryan Neiman

Date:         7/9/2014

Re:            Hal Neiman Named MGA Al Kessel Outstanding Achievement Award.



It is with great pleasure and pride that I announce today, Hal Neiman, Founder and CEO of Neiman’s Family Market, has been awarded the 2014 Al Kessel Outstanding Achievement Award given by Michigan Grocers Association.  This well-deserved award recognizes Hal’s accomplishments in the success of Neiman’s Family Market, his contributions to the food industry and his service to the communities served by Neiman’s. 


Hal will be honored this September at the Michigan Grocers Association Fall Conference held in Traverse City, Michigan.  Hal will be the Guest of Honor at the Sunday night dinner which kicks off the weekend conference.


I know Hal would like to thank Jean Neiman, who with Hal and countless others started Neiman’s Family Market 31 years ago this August.  With Jean by his side, lots of help from employees, suppliers and other family members, the two of them have made  Neiman’s what it is today.  We also like to thank Tom Ruble, our SpartanNash Account Manager, who nominated Hal for the award. Please take a moment to congratulate Hal for the Award and all that he has done for Neiman’s and the communities we serve.