Employee Spotlight

Meet Tracey Miller

Tracey joined the Neiman’s Family Market family this past September when Neiman’s bought the location that was Wingert’s Food Center where she had worked for 17 years. She does such an amazing job and was recently named the new Front End Manager at Neiman’s Family Market Mayville- Congratulations Tracey!

Along with all her front end management duties, Tracey also orders liquor and cigarettes for the store. Have you seen the liquor wall in the store?! If you tried to count all the different types of liquor you could be there all day!

Tracey earned the nickname Tracer as a child where she grew up in Clifford. She loves Captain Crunch but isn’t a fan of Hamburger Helper. Some of you may not know that she can crochet or that her dream vacation would be to go to Ireland. If she won the lottery her first purchase would be a home.

Tracey enjoys that at Neiman’s no one’s title makes them any different than anyone else in the way they are treated.

Those who work with Tracey appreciate how she always wears a smile and her store director Chuck Nesbitt said she has done an outstanding job in her new position by carrying herself with professionalism and leads the front end as an example of excellent customer service!

Congratulations Tracey on your promotion and Thank you for taking care of our Mayville customers with a smile!