Employee Spotlight

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Meet Kevan Brown

Kevan is Neiman’s Family Market new store director in Mayville. He was an assistant store director in Clarkston, recently joining the team there after many years of grocery experience with another store in the area.  The move gets Kevan back to his roots, having grown-up in North Branch, MI.  His father is a retired and who runs a nonprofit helping the disabled get back into sports and hunting/fishing. His Mother also retired, is active with their church.  He’s the youngest of four kids (two sisters and a brother) and has six nephews and two nieces.  His family once owned Brown’s Family Dinning and Pizza in North Branch, Mi. His pet family is extensive and includes; six ducks, 8 hens and 3 dogs. He has awesome names for them and yes, he can tell them all apart.

Working at Neiman’s allows Kevan to do what he enjoys, “having his hands in a lot of different projects.” He appreciates “working with owners who allow their employees to experiment, be independent. At the same time trust me to provide support, guidance, and coaching. No one can do anything alone, and I believe in building a “TEAM” atmosphere so everyone wins and has some fun. Being part of a community that you can help grow, and knowing the customers by name”. 

Growing up Kevan always wanted to be an artist even from an early age.  Also, a garbage man because he only saw them working one day a week and that would give him all kinds of time to draw. Art was also part of his favorite toy as a kid which was modeling clay, he used to make his own characters and spend hours trying to make motion animation of them on 8mm and eventually VHS.  Kevan was had a nickname growing up, Bear, because he used to growl as a kid when stacking wood, or playing sports.  People would say he sounded like a Bear, and it stuck.  To this day some people only have him as Bear.

The weirdest food Kevan has ate is, fresh shucked raw scallops.   Divers brought them up to the boat off Tybee Island, in Savannah Georgia. His favorite place he has traveled is Moab, Ut.  He really enjoyed the National Parks and the history.  Great ghost towns and Native American Hieroglyphs. Kevan’s dream vacation includes Norway or Scotland.  Perhaps his last book “Nordic Tales: Folktales from Norway” influenced him. Star Wars fans may recognize his favorite movie quote; “Do or do not. There is no try”. Outside of work Kevan enjoys, painting, forging, sculpting, and fishing.  Also, he loves just jumping in the truck and driving to some adventure.  It may surprise you to learn that Kevan is ordained in 4 states Mi, Ohio, North Carolina, and Georgia.  Also, very active in Renaissance Festivals, having been too and worked at many across the US.  He has competed in Highland Games when I was younger. 

It will not surprise you to know, now that you know about him that if he wins the lottery he will get a large farm to rescue animals and rehabilitate. Along with an Art Studio to provide space and supplies for homeless to create and self-express and have art shows with proceeds would go to setup bank accounts for them and rehabilitation