Neiman’s Family Market History

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Our journey began in July 1983 when Hal and Jean Neiman moved their family to
Alpena Michigan and opened Alpena IGA with their partners and 46 energetic,
engaged, and determined staff. In 1997 Hal and Jean bought out their partners
and we become Neiman’s Family Market.

Between 2007 and 2013, we added 3
stores; in Tawas, St. Clair and Clarkston. In 2020 we made the business
decision to close our store in Alpena, however, our famous Neiman’s bagels
continue to be produced and shipped from Alpena to our other locations.

Over the years all three children; Amy, Bryan and Nathan worked in various
aspects of the grocery business eventually each returning to Neiman’s Family
Market. As Hal and Jean each transitioned out of the daily operations of the
business the children took on more these responsibilities. You will still see Hal in
the stores as he passes on the company culture to today’s employees.

We believed in 1983, and still believe today, that working together we can bring a
new level of supermarket service to our customers and energetic and rewarding
work environment for our employees. Working together with our employees and
our vendor partners, makes it possible for us to WOW new and present
customers each and every day in all of our markets. As a Family Business, and
because we are a Family Business, we are never too busy to be friendly to our
customers and each other.

Hal and Jean learned the grocery business from Jean’s parents John &
Fran Schmidt, who along with Hal’s parents, Earl and Sophie, passed on a
tradition that included a dedicated and strong work ethic. Over the years Hal and
Jean have passed this onto their 3 children and many grandchildren, teaching
them the Neiman Family Market motto;

Be the place where community and food
come together to Improve lives.